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Room B Homework

Read, read and reread books!!! 

After reading books, make sure to ask comprehension questions. 

Examples include:

What was the story about?

Can you do a picture walk of the story? (child says what they see on each page of the book)

Where did this story take place?

Who were the characters?

Was this story non-fiction or fiction? How do you know?

How were the characters feeling in this story? How do you know?

Kindergarten does not require homework except for nightly reading. If you are interested in having more practice for your child, Lakeshore is a great resource for extra cutting, writing, and letter/sound work. Later in the year, your child will bring home books at their level to read to you, but please continue to read to your child all year long. Periodically a project will be sent home.  These projects will be directly related to what is being taught in the classroom.