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Project Cornerstone

We are looking for parents, grandparents, guardians, to read stories to our students in our Asset Building Champion (ABC) program.  All that is required from you is about an hour of your time each month.  Training will be provided.

Please email Dr. Rogers ( if you are interested and she will send you the parent information.  


Project Cornerstone Power Words and Blue Day Citizenship Awards Dates

BLUE DAY – Monthly Citizenship Awards 8:30 AM

Based on Project Cornerstone Power Words

Theme:  Champion Year


Aug/September     9/29/17     Friends to the End for Kids

** RESPECT **  “I am considerate and appreciative.”            


October       10/27/17   Giraffes Can’t Dance

**Leadership**  “"I take initiative to lead.  I am a good role model." Tap into your personal power


November/December  12/1/17  BIG (Be Inspired to be Great)

**Kindness** ““I am friendly, considerate, and patient towards others.”                   


January         1/26/18 When Sophie Gets Angry, Really, Really Angry

**Self-Control**  ““I am the director of my own behavior and emotions.”


February  3/2/18  Ruby Bridges Goes to School (K-2)

and Through My Eyes by Ruby Bridges (3-5)

**Tolerance**  “I accept others just the way they are.”


March      3/30/18     How Do I Stand In Your Shoes?

**Empathy**  “I try to understand the feelings of others.”

     *Read also:  Have You Filled A Bucket Today?


April         4/27/18    Sebastian’s Roller Skates

**Confidence**  “I believe in myself and my abilities!”


 May          5/25/18   Thank You Mr. Falker

**Strength**  “I have the power to make a positive effect.”


June   6/1/18   Sports and Service Awards Assembly

       6/8/18  Academic Awards Assembly

**Kindergarten Book Titles 1) Listen and Learn 2) Join In and Play 3) Talk and Work it Out 4) Accept and Value Each Person 5) Understand and Care 6) Be Polite and Kind 7) Reach Out and Give 8) Try and Stick With It (These books are part of the Learning to Get Along Series by Cherie J. Meiners, M.Ed.)