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Weekly Events

PE Every Monday - We have PE every Monday at 9:10am. Please make sure your child wears athletic shoes. 


Library every Friday - Our library day is on Friday  Your child will be allowed to check out one book from the library.  They will bring it home in their library bag. Please note your child's bag number and keep both the bag and book in a safe place.  Return the library book in the library bag every Friday morning. The library book is your child's responsibility.

Carolyn Salas


Kindergarten 2021



Welcome to Room 9!

 Kindergartners have a shortened schedule at the start of the school year. Please see below and prepare appropriately to ensure your child is picked up on time. 

8/12          K Dismissal at 9:55AM

8/13-9/1 K Dismissal at 11:51AM

9/2            K Begins full day schedule Dismissal at 2:10pm


More important information will be sent to you via email soon!


Please feel free to email me at: 


Classroom Supplies

As many families shop for school supplies, each school year we offer suggested student donation shopping lists. I hope you find the following supply shopping list helpful. All donations are strictly voluntary and greatly appreciated as we work to support our class and programs!  Any brands that are listed are preferred, as we have found these brands to be of a good, lasting quality that meet the needs of our classrooms. 


I addition to any of the items listed, every student in grades K-5th will also need a full-size backpack, along with a reusable water bottle, and a set of over-the-head headphones with a built-in microphone (to be kept at school), all clearly labeled with your child's name. These items can all be reused from year-to-year.


Here are some other resources and things to do while at home: