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2018-2019 Meeting Dates
School Site Council meets at 6:00 PM.
September 18
October 9
November 13
December 4
January 15
March 19
April 9
May 7

Laurelwood PTA

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Laurelwood School Site Council

Welcome to Laurelwood's School Site Council Page

We are proud of the work of our Site Council does that keeps Laurelwood moving forward.  We are a team of 5 staff members (principal, 3 teachers, one "other" staff member) and five parents.  Each of us plays the role of an ambassador to our greater community to get the word out about work being done and what is to come.

Our purpose is

  • to develop and recommend the School Plan (Single Plan for Student Achievement).
  • review the implementation of the plan and periodically assess program effectiveness
  • review the plan annually, and establish a budget consistent with the Education Code requirements, and make modifications as needed
  • take other actions as required by the Education Code and the SCUSD School Board

Please feel free to review our by-laws as well as minutes and agendas from current and previous years (on the right).



School Site Council Members

2018-19 SSC Members
1) Dr. Lori Rogers (Principal)

2) Wendy Hale (Chairperson, parent, SSC yr 2)

3) Amber Wacht (Teacher, SSC yr 2)

4) Mark Beasley (Teacher, SSC yr 2)

5) Susan Auclair (Classified Staff Memebr, SSC yr 2)

6) Scott Bartell (parent, SSC yr 2)

7) Mrs. Mehta (parent, SSC  yr 1)

8) David DeAnda (Teacher, SSC yr 1)

9) Kiran V (parent, SSC yr 1)

10) Bonnie Lieberman (Vice Chairperson, parent, SSC yr 1)

School Site Council (SSC) Files
3/7/18 12:29 PM
3/7/18 12:29 PM
3/7/18 12:29 PM
3/7/18 12:29 PM
3/7/18 12:29 PM
3/7/18 12:29 PM
10/10/18 6:30 PM
School Site Council (SSC) Meeting Agendas 2018-19