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Changes To Morning Arrival Procedures begin on Wed. 3/8/23
Posted 3/6/23

We are making a few changes to the arrival procedures. These changes should allow for better traffic flow in the drop off areas in front of the office, create better supervision, and help with rainy weather. These will start Wednesday 3/8.


  • 2nd-5th Grade students can enter any of the open gates, besides the Kindergarten Gate (TK,K, and 1st should use their usual gate)
    • Open Gates: Kindergarten, 1st Grade (by the office), 2nd/4th Grade (by room 21), and 2nd grade (by room 24). Not using 3rd and 5th Grade gates
  • When being dropped off by a car, students should walk up the walkways by the office to get to their entrance gate. Please pull up as far as you can when entering the drop off area to drop students off as close to the office as possible. 

Other Notes:

  • Dismissal Procedures have not changed
  • Please be respectful of neighbors driveways and report any traffic issues or accidents to the office
  • Be aware the Street Sweeper comes through the neighborhood on some Monday mornings. Neighbors on Kensington have requested to not leave cars parked on Kensington Drive on Mondays

Mr. Fuller