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Fall Distance Learning Art Session with Mrs. V
Posted 9/9/20

Dear Laurelwood Families,

Mrs. Villarreal (“Mrs. V”). will be having her next 9 week art session, beginning soon.  If you are interested, please contact her.  Art classes are through recorded Zoom lesson, and live Friday Zoom sessions with students.

Please see the information below.


Kelly Neary



October-November Art


  • Weekly Zoom recorded lesson w/ live Zoom on Friday
  • 9 weeks for $160/$280 for two students
  • Added discounts if previous students and have supplies(see bottom of page)

*Each week I will introduce the lesson with either books or videos about the artist featured or the technique, or both.  I will send lessons on Monday, with added things sent during week, and then on Friday afternoon we will have a half hour + Zoom time at 3:00.


This session will include:

  • Weaving on cardboard looms (loom, yarn and needles provided)
  • Sarah Silberzweig, contemporary abstract artist- portrait with chalk and glue
  • Paul Cezanne- Still life of pears/apples using chalk pastels
  • Yao Kusama’s, Japanese contemporary artist- pumpkins with paper and black pen
  • Day of the Dead- Paper creation
  • Foil leaf pressing
  • Harvest cornucopia with watercolor fruit and vegetables
  • Andy Warhol, pop artist- identical images/varied colors
  • Acrylic on canvas project

Please let me know if you want to enroll your child/children as soon as possible, as I must order supplies that I deliver to your porch.  Payment may be by PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay or check sent to me.


Discounts are as follows: If you have the following from previous classes

$25 off if you have acrylics, watercolors and chalk pastels

$10 off if you have just acrylics 

$15 off if you have watercolors and chalk pastels    or