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Nutcracker Musical

2022 Nutcracker Cast & Parent Information

Participation in The Nutcracker Musical, open to LW students in grades 3, 4 and 5, is a privilege and requires a significant commitment on the part of the children AND their parents.

Auditions and Rehearsals cannot be missed except for illness.


(Updated 11/28/22)

MANDATORY all cast rehearsals and performances:

Rehearsals (please have your child bring a snack to all rehearsals):

  • Monday, Dec. 5, 2:35 - 3:45   Finale rehearsal in the Cafeteria.  All except Chorus are required to attend.
  • Monday, Dec. 5, 3:45 - 4:30  Staging rehearsal for Actors and Stage Crew ONLY in the Cafeteria.
  • Wednesday, Dec. 7, 1:20 - 4:30   Full-cast rehearsals in the Cafeteria.  All participants in the Nutcracker are required to attend. We will run through the entire show at least twice (once with each cast) without costumes or makeup.
  • Friday, Dec. 9, 2:35 - 5:30  Full-cast dress rehearsals in the Cafeteria.  All participants in the Nutcracker are required to attend. We will run through the entire show at least twice (once with each cast). Children will change into costumes.

*  Please pick up ON TIME!  All rehearsals are for children only, no parents.  If you arrive to pick up your child and the rehearsal is not yet over, please wait outside the cafeteria for your child. Do not enter the Cafeteria, HUB, Learning Center, or Classrooms. This is a very large cast and more parents in those areas create confusion and crowding. Thank you!

*If your child has Safety Patrol after school, please make arrangements for a replacement. 

*Costumes are to remain at school at all times.  Do not take your costume home!

Performances (no food is available, please remember to feed your child before evening performances):

·       Monday, Dec. 12 @ 1 pm  - Candy Canes Cast

·       Monday, Dec. 12 @ 7 pm  - Ice Breakers Cast

·       Tuesday, Dec. 13 @ 1 pm  - Ice Breakers Cast

·       Tuesday, Dec. 13 @ 7 pm  - Candy Canes Cast

* Please note that the cast designations are for the actors only.  All dancers, chorus, stage crew, and sheep/shepherds are in all four shows. 

* Reporting times for evening performances:  Your child’s group director will let you know what time to report for the 7 pm performances.  

Parents, PLEASE NO VIDEOTAPING, FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY, IPADs, TABLETS or TRIPODS during the evening performances. We have a professional videographer recording the evening performances and DVD's of each show are available for purchase using the attached order form.  It is very inconsiderate of the other guests seated near/behind you to hold up recording devices during the performances. Also, the held up devices, screen light, and photography flashes spoil the professional recording. Please be respectful and considerate of your fellow parents. If you insist on videotaping yourself, you may do so from the rear of the cafeteria at the 1pm performances only. Thank you!

During the performances, only children in the cast and parent volunteers working in makeup and costuming will be allowed in the dressing areas (the HUB, Learning Center, and Classrooms). Please wait outside for your child, do not enter these areas.

One other reminder, please keep SICK children home, and PLEASE call/email your child's director as soon as possible. The office DOES NOT inform us of absences. This is a school event, the same rules regarding illness and school apply. 

Please do not send a child who has had a temperature of 100 degrees or above or who has vomited or had diarrhea within the past 24 hours; who has frequent coughing, a very runny nose, sore throat or earache; skin rash; open sores; head lice or nits. Please do not allow your child to return until his/her temperature has been normal while un-medicated for 24 hours.

If your child is too sick to come to school during the day, they cannot come to the performance that evening.  Rehearsals may only be missed for illness or pre-authorized circumstances. Failure to attend rehearsals, failure to come to performances on time, or disrespectful behavior, will result in the child's removal from the production.