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Room B Locker

Welcome to Room B!

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Welcome to Room B!


I am so excited to meet all of my new students and families. This will be a year of fun, growth and friendships and I look forward to partnering with you on this journey. 


More important information will be sent to you via email soon!


Mrs. Tabor's Email

Room B Classroom Rules

Be Safe:  Children should act safely in and out of the classroom.  Examples of being safe include:

  • Walking in the classroom
  • Sitting in their individual carpet spots during rug time
  • Keeping hands and feet to self
  • Using scissors correctly
  • Push in chairs

Be Respectful: Children should treat teachers, staff and peers with respect.Examples of being respectful include:

  • Using kind words
  • Cleaning up after themselves, including throwing away all trash and cleaning up their table
  • Listening the 1st time
  • Listening when peers are speaking
  • Raising a hand to talk and wait for the teacher to call on them

Be Responsible: Children should exercise good decision making and control/care of themselves and their belongings.Examples of being responsible include:

  • Follow directions
  • Know and demonstrate class routines
  • Take care of class materials and supplies
  • Take care of their own belongings: water bottle, lunch, snack, clothing, bathroom needs
  • Return library books, leveled readers on time
picture of students on books