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Room B Locker
9/25/16 9:21 PM
Weekly Events

PE Every Monday - We have PE every Monday at 1:00pm. Please make sure your child wears athletic shoes. 


Library every Friday - Our library day is on Friday  Your child will be allowed to check out one book from the library.  They will bring it home in their library bag. Please note your child's bag number and keep both the bag and book in a safe place.  Return the library book in the library bag every Friday morning. The library book is your child's responsibility.

Welcome to Room B!

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Upcoming Events

Thursday, August 15th - First Day of Kindergarten! 

I can't wait to meet your children! 


What are we working on

Please read the Monthly Newsletters located in the Newsletter folder in Room B's locker room. 

Stay In The Loop!
  • School Loop-You can sign up for updates from our school website by signing up for a School Loop account.

    To sign up, you simply need to click on "Register Now" on the Laurelwood Homepage, enter some information (including your child's ID number), and click submit. It's easy, and a really great way to stay in the loop with schoolwide information. If you do not know your child's 6-digit ID number, please email me and I will give you that information.

  •  In an effort to go green, the PTA will be communicating with families primarily via email. Please click the link below for updates from the PTA, as well as to sign-up for their e-mail list. Thanks!

  •  Receive TEXT MESSAGE ALERTS for Laurelwood news and updates: Join REMIND!

To Sign Up:

1. Open a new text message on your cell phone

2. In the TO box type: 81010

3. In the Message box type: @laurelwood 

4. You will be asked to enter your name to finish signing up

Room B Classroom Rules

Be Safe:  Children should act safely in and out of the classroom.  Examples of being safe include:

  • Walking in the classroom
  • Sitting crisscross on their individual carpet spots
  • Keeping hands and feet to self
  • Using scissors correctly
  • Push in chairs

Be Respectful: Children should treat teachers, staff and peers with respect.Examples of being respectful include:

  • Using kind words
  • Cleaning up after themselves, including throwing away all trash and cleaning up their table
  • Listening the 1st time
  • Listening when peers are speaking
  • Raising a hand to talk

Be Responsible: Children should exercise good decision making and control/care of themselves and their belongings.Examples of being responsible include:

  • Follow directions
  • Know and demonstrate class routines
  • Take care of class materials and supplies
  • Take care of their own belongings: water bottle, lunch, snack, clothing
  • Return library books, leveled readers on time
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Wish List

There will also be a beginning of the year wish list at back to school night. 

  • 5 Mil laminating sheets 

  • Any kind of little items for the prize box (rubber balls, bubbles, mini notepads, dollar store type stuff) Some parents bring me these items from previous birthday parties they hosted or attended. new/used is fine. 

  • Black Sharpies
  • Magnatiles - new or used