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Important Documents
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Weekly Events

PE Every Monday - We have PE every Monday at 9:10.  Please make sure your child wears athletic shoes on Mondays. I also recommend that they bring a water bottle.


Library every Friday - Our library day is on Friday  Your child will be allowed to check out one book from the library.  They will bring it home in their library bag. Please note your child's bag number and keep both the bag and book in a safe place.  Return the library book in the library bag every Friday morning. The library book is your child's responsibility


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To report your child's absence, please click here. Please do not call the office to report an absence unless the form is not working. Thank you!

Welcome to Mrs. Bézard's Class

Upcoming Events

Happy Summer! Thanks for a great year in Kindergarten!

What are we working on ?

Please check out our April Newsletter to find out what's in store for Room 9 this month! :)


  • Please do not send students to school with toys or other distracting items. Bracelets, necklaces, or other jewelry items that students can fiddle with, play with, or take on and off serve as a major distraction for the child wearing them as well as to students around them. Please do not allow students to bring these items to school. I also ask that students please not bring individual hand sanitizers to school, as they become a distraction as well. We have hand sanitizer available to all students in Room 9 for them to use throughout the day as needed, including before and after snack and lunch.


  • Rainy day arrival - if the office announces rainy day recess at arrival time, students should walk under the roof directly across from the office and follow the roof to room 9. This will keep them dry and under shelter the whole way to the classroom. We have practice this and they know where to go. This is the only time that they should not enter through the kindergarten playground.

Volunteer Info

Parents with preschoolers, toddlers and infants may NOT work in the classroom WITH their child NOR may they be in the WORK room as there are SHARP objects and cutters there.  This is a hazard.  


Volunteers on campus and on field trips are required to complete a Volunteer Application Packet.  Parents then provide a copy of their driver license or passport, a CURRENT TB test (every four years) and the application packet ANNUALLY.  NO volunteers may be on campus without a pass or a badge.


NO PARENT may be IN THE CLASSROOMS without this clearance.  NO PARENT may attend a field trip WITHOUT THIS CLEARANCE.  BABIES, TODDLERS and INFANTS do NOT have TB clearance, and it is against both SCHOOL POLICY and BOARD POLICY allow them in.


I will have volunteers start in our classroom after Back to School Night. Please attend Back to School Night on September 11th at 6 p.m. for more information about helping out in our classroom or on field trips.
Welcome to Room 9
Picture of Mrs. Bezard

Contact Mrs. Bézard

Email is the best way to communicate with me. Please email me at

Have a question about general classroom policies? Check the ABCs of Kindergarten.

Wish List

Thank you so much to those of you who have donated supplies and/or books to our class.


Current needs: "skinny" black EXPO (dry-erase) markers, glue sticks


Mrs. Bézard's Class Wish List


Books for Mrs. Bézard's Class


Or, consider giving to our adopt-a-classroom, which allows me to purchase materials as needed directly from educational vendors such as Lakeshore, Really Good Stuff, and Office Depot.

Rainy Day Procedures

If it is raining more than a drizzle and the office announces at the 8 a.m. bell that it is a "rainy day schedule", children should walk down the covered hallway from the office to go directly to our classroom rather than going through the kindergarten gate.  I will have the door open at 8 a.m. and be inside. Please remind students to stay under the roof as they walk. Parents are still asked to stay behind the blue lines for security reasons.


Please e-mail me if you have any questions or concerns concerning rainy day procedures.  

The importance of self help
Picture says  when you do it for me, all I learn is that you do it better than  me.