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Students will be working with Foss for our the science programs, which have three different areas of focus.  Earth Science focuses on the solar system/pendulums; and how temperature and surface area affect evaporation, as well as uneven heading of the Earth and convention currents.  It also deals with the water cycle and how that relates to the weather.  Life Science  which focuses on living things and how they interact with one another, and Physical Science unit focuses on elements and the combination of matter. 

Social Studies

This year we will study the development of our nation up until the 1850's, with an emphasis on who were already here and others who arrived.  They will study native american tribes (across the continental US), early explorers, the development of the colonial government and our colonies, recognizing that our government has gone through a great transformation.  Students will also be expected to know and recite the 50 states and their corresponding capitals (using Sheppard Software).  On Sheppard Software, they must show that they can pass States levels 1-7 and Capitals level 1-4 with 100% accuracy.  

Mrs. Keeth

Welcome to 5th Grade!

I am so excited to be spending my tenth year in fifth grade and eighth year at Laurelwood teaching with this wonderful class! 
This year we have many activities to look forward to. 
Please visit my Google Website for up-to-date and detailed information on what is happening in Room 18.
Daily Room 18 Calendar

- 20 minutes of Math

- 30 minutes of reading, written in  reading log (nightly)


*Unfinished classwork & other homework items may be added as needed 


This year, Santa Clara Unified continues using the math program Origo Stepping Stones (12 modules will be covered throughout the year).  During Trimester 3 we will cover modules 9-12.  We will be using this math program primarily in class, with homework often being completed nightly online 

Language Arts
  • We will be writing a number of essays, poems, and stories throughout this year.  We will also be reading a number of novels in attempts at continuing increasing our reading levels.
  • Nightly independent reading, as well as work online will be part of each weeks homework. 
  • Everyone will also be responsible for a daily reading log (tracking home and school reading), as well as completing 8 books during the first trimester (24 by the end of the year), recording this information their personal log on google classroom.  
  • This year, we will be participating in the San Jose Sharks Reading Is Cool program.  Each month students will be tracking their monthly reading numbers.  Each month we will have a monthly reading MVP.