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Happy, Happy Birthday to....
Lifeskill Awards
Citizenship Awards
Reading is Cool recognition
Friendly Reminders
  • A good breakfast and a snack of fruit or crackers is necessary for children to be more focused motivated during morning instruction.
  • Children are welcome to have a reusable bottle of water in the classroom.
  • Names should be written on jackets and sweaters.
Classroom and School Agreements

*  Be Respectful


*  Be Responsible 


*  Be Safe

In Room 8

....we make things happen through hard work and learning!

Wish LIst

Thank you for viewing our Room 8 wish list! We are so thankful for any donations you can make!

First Grade, Room 8

Welcome to First grade!


Contact Information

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Mrs. Blancas and Husband Chief Blancas
My Family
About Mrs. Blancas

Laurelwood is a caring and supportive learning community that I have been grateful to be a part of. This is my 16th year teaching in Santa Clara Unified with most of my experience in first grade. I've also taught Kindergarten and third grade.  First grade is a fun year of growth and development for a young learner and I am privileged to take your children on that journey this year.  

Online First Grade Programs

*  Razkids


*  ST Math


*  Footsteps2Brilliance


*  Typing Agent


*  Fossweb






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