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In the style of O'Keefe by 4th grade
photo of stundent artwork done in the style of Georgia O'Keefe- upclose flowers 
done in water color
In the style of Matisse by 2nd grade
office February 2019: Matisse type cut paper art

Visual & Performing Arts

student artwork in the style of Kadinsky: colorful round cut circles and black 
pen to make flowers

The Laurelwood staff believes in meeting the needs of the whole child. We therefore encourage children to participate in a number of creative arts activities:

Students have the opportunity to explore their creativity as they learn to use various art media. Our PTA sponsors visual art lessons for every grade level.  Each class in grades k-5 receives 4 specialized visual art lessons per school year, within the school day, from a certificated teacher who specializes in art history and design/technique.

The PTA also sponsor STARTING ARTS which consist of six week rotations, twice per year, for every classroom, within the school day. This year our students will participate in dance and vocal music in K-2.  Grades 3-5 will participate in music and theater arts.

The school district provides instrumental music instruction for upper grade students.  Each 3rd grade classroom receives instruction within the school day, inside their own classroom, with an instrumental music teacher.  Students in grades 4 and 5 have the option to participate in instrumental music lessons for both string and band instruments, in a pull-out program (i,e. outside of their regular classroom- time is dependent upon their instrument of choice), but within the school day.

In addition to specialized instruction, the arts of drama, visual art, literature, and speech are highly incorporated into daily instruction in many of our classrooms.

During the month of December, through the guidance of volunteers and staff members, the school puts on a special Nutcracker Musical. Laurelwood students in grades 3-5 may audition for this production in the fall and voluntarily give up their recesses, before, and after school time, for practices and rehearsals.

photo of 2nd grade student artwork of both Kadinsky style flowers adn chalk 
4th grade music club flyer