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Laurelwood Elementary

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    LW Happenings

    Laurelwood Calendar

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    To report an absence, click on the "Attendance" icon at the top of this webpage.

    Office Hours

    The school's office is CLOSED for Summer Break and will reopen on 8/2/19

    Limited summer office hours are offered for August 2-13, from 9am-1pm.

    Regular 'School Day' office hours will resume on August 15, 2019.

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    Laurelwood office hours are on school days as follows-

    • 9am-12:30pm for Registering New Students
    • 8am-3pm for all other business
    Order student supplies online

    Online ordering for ALL of your LW student's 2019-2020 supplies through Amazon, Target, Walmart, Office Depot, and other retail sources through TeacherLists is now available. For this convenient option, simply use the TeacherList launch button below & select your favorite retailer-

    Special schedule for the 1st Day of School

    red, caution symbolOn the first day of school, the special Minimum Day schedule will be as follows:

    Kindergarten dismissed at 9:55am

    Grades 1-5 dismissed at 1:21pm

    school's marquee for May
    Key Dates: August 2019


    1-2       Proof of Residency (held @Wilcox High), 8am-7pm

    1          LW Office CLOSED

    2          LW Office Summer hours 9am-1pm

    5          LW Office Summer hours 9am-1pm

    6          LW Office Summer hours 9am-1pm

    7          LW Office Summer hours 9am-1pm

    8          LW Office Summer hours 9am-1pm

    9          LW Office Summer hours 9am-1pm

    12        LW Office Summer hours 9am-1pm

    13        LW Office Summer hours 9am-1pm

    14        LW Class lists posted in office windows AFTER 5pm

    15        FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL (MINIMUM day schedule 1-5)

    15         8:30am-9:30pm Kindergarten Parent Orientation

    15         Kindergarten dismissed at 9:55am (today only)

    15         Grades 1-5 dismissed at 1:21pm

    16        Kindergarten dismissal at 11:51am (continues to 9/4/19)

    23        8:15am-9:15am PTA Volunteer Orientation

    Monthly Calendar

    To import this LW calendar into your own Outlook Calendar, follow the instructions for your device, and then COPY the following-


    Our Website

    The Laurelwood Elementary website is ADA compliant, and therefore accessible to individuals with disabilities, as well as is responsive to mobile & various other types of electronic devices. 



    Laurelwood Preschool Logo

    Although Laurelwood Preschool shares the same campus as Laurelwood Elementary, they are separate, UNRELATED entities. Laurelwood Preschool is a PRIVATE, non-profit, non-sectarian, parent cooperative organization.

    GO TO the Laurelwood Preschool Website or phone 408-656-8795. Please do NOT contact Laurelwood Elementary school's office regarding Laurelwood Preschool.


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    About Us

    Believing all children must be challenged to maximize their potential, Laurelwood's highly talented staff offers its students a strong academic program with an emphasis on the basic subjects of language arts, mathematics, social studies and science, along with technology, and visual/performing arts lessons/activities sponsored by our local PTA.  Equally important to Laurelwood staff is the social development of each child, the attainment of a strong self-concept, and a basic human respect and tolerance for others.  Laurelwood learners are safe, respectful and responsible.  As an increasingly diverse community with over thirty languages spoken and a student body of over 700, Laurelwood is proud to partner with an active parent and business community.  Annual multi-cultural events include booths from fifteen countries and dance performances from around the world.  Academic goals and objectives based on State Standards and SCUSD Standards are planned annually and are reflected in Laurelwood's single plan for student achievement.