Laurelwood Elementary School


Planning on volunteering at LW anytime this school year?

Are you thinking about volunteering at LW ANYTIME this year?


If you are planning on volunteering at school, even if it is just for one field trip or class event/activity, you must complete a Volunteer Packet for 2018-19 in advance, and wait to be cleared.


Even if you completed a packet during the previous school year, a new packet MUST be completed EACH school year.  The application may take 1-3 weeks to process, so be sure to start yours TODAY to ensure you are cleared in time to be able to help out.


ALL Parent Volunteers on campus, and for field trips, MUST submit a Volunteer Application packet on a YEARLY basis per SCUSD policy. 

NO PARENT/volunteers may be in the classrooms without this clearance. 

NO PARENT/volunteers may attend/chaperone a field trip without this clearance. 


NEW for 2018-19: SCUSD Volunteer Applications are now completed ONLINE. Please see below for further instructions.


Volunteer Applications require ALL of the following:

1) Complete SCUSD Volunteer Packet 2018-19 (for level A, B or C volunteer. Refer to packet for more information) ONLINE

2) Provide a COPY of a Tuberculosis clearance card (results are good for 4 years)

3) Provide a COPY of current, government-issued, photo identification (e.g. driver’s license, passport, military ID, US or other governmental identification


Start your 2018-19 Volunteer Packet

Posted by: Karen Spinks Published:9/5/18
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