Laurelwood Elementary School


5th Grade Computer Science/Tech Rotations praised by SCUSD

Introduction to computer science at Laurelwood-


Over one hundred fifth graders at Laurelwood Elementary School now have the opportunity to experience the field of information technology and communications thanks to their teachers, Amber Wacht, Laura Jones, Tia Keeth, and Steve Ivy. This dedicated team of teachers, along with Vice Principal, Paul Fuller, have developed a computer science and tech rotation as an introduction to concepts related to computer science, technology, and innovation.


The rotation consists of four mini-courses; robotics (using Edison Robotics), video production (using WeVideo to produce PSA videos), video game design (using Scratch), and tiger tank (an opportunity for students to pitch product ideas similar to the show Shark Tank). For each course, students will spend 8 one-hour long sessions over several weeks learning, exploring, and creating with the tools of the course. After each course, the students rotate to the next course and by the end of the year, each student should get to experience all four parts of the rotation.


Great job to the Laurelwood team of teachers for their initiative and innovative spirit.

Posted by: Karen Spinks Published:2/6/18
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