Laurelwood Elementary School


A Note to Volunteers

Parents with preschoolers, toddlers and infants may NOT work in the classroom WITH their child NOR may not be in the WORK room as there are SHARP objects and cutters there.  This is a hazard.  


Volunteers on campus and on field trips are required to complete a Volunteer Application Packet.  Parents then provide a copy of their driver license or passport, a CURRENT TB test (every four years) and the application packet ANNUALLY.  NO volunteers may be on campus without a pass or a badge.


NO PARENT may be IN THE CLASSROOMS without this clearance.  NO PARENT may attend a field trip WITHOUT THIS CLEARANCE.  


BABIES, TODDLERS and INFANTS do NOT have TB clearance, and it is against both SCHOOL POLICY and BOARD POLICY allow them in

Posted by: Karen Spinks Published:9/28/16
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