Laurelwood Elementary School

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Items Not Allowed At School

To maintain a positive and safe school environment, the following items are not to be brought to school:


  • cameras, iPods, CD players, game systems, and other expensive equipment

·       balls or equipment from home

·       roller blades, shoes with wheels

·       *TOYS, water pistols, and balloons

·       live animals (unless arrangements are made with your teacher)

·       firecrackers, BB shot, Air Soft Guns, Poppers, knives, and other dangerous items

·       any type of gun facsimile

·       gum, sunflower seeds

·       trading cards (such as Pokeman, baseall, etc.)

·       white-out, Sharpie/permanent markers

·       makeup, lip gloss, nail polish


Improper items will be confiscated.  The safe keeping of these items cannot be guaranteed.  The items will be returned to the parent upon request.


*Toys banned include spinners/fidgets UNLESS otherwise noted on a student's IEP or 504 plan.

Posted by: Karen Spinks Published:5/15/17
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